Lead Activation in Retail

Personalise multiple points

In e-commerce it is crucial to deliver a personalised experience, brands that create personalised content achieve an increase of 50% in conversions. Develop a complete personalisation strategy with tailored homepages, product pages, recommendations and customer support. Bring your customers closer with a 360º personalised communication and increase your results and customer satisfaction.

Accurate attribution of all your sales

To develop a successful digital strategy it is important to follow your customers along their journey and to measure your results with accuracy. By creating an attribution model you will have a comprehensive view of all your sales processes and be able to attribute your sales, including in-store sales, to your campaigns and digital efforts.

Integrate the digital world with your in-store experience

The retail environment can be complex, where many times both online and offline world overlap, creating real challenges to coordinate campaigns and to have a clear view of the customer journey. With BySide both worlds are integrated in a single platform with real-time reporting so you never lose track of your campaigns performance.

The Lead Activation Journey

1TRACKGet to know your clients

To be able to sell more, it is important to understand who your visitors are and which products, services and offers they are looking for. There are visitors who are repeating customers; visitors who are just checking your website for the first time; and those that abandoned previous checkout processes and are visiting again. With BySide you can track visitor’s origin and history on your website, based on web and contact analytics that are used to create audience segments on our Customer Data Platform.

2QUALIFYScore your leads and find the ones that are ready-to-buy

Retail websites depend heavily on traffic, but not all visitors are qualified leads: many visit e-commerce websites only to check for products and prices. Score your leads, by establishing priorities and attributing specific milestones, to reach your warmer leads faster and increase the chances of conversion, while identifying those who still need to be nurtured.

3ENGAGEInnovate your E-commerce experience with personalisation

According to Accenture, 91% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that target them with personalised content and relevant offers, based on previously gathered information and their qualification level. By creating a personalised experience across different touchpoints in real-time, each user will be matched with the most appropriate offers, increasing the chances of conversion up to 50% and creating a better user experience for the customer.

4CONVERTIncrease your conversions and customer satisfaction

Customer support plays an important role in client acquisition and in increasing average order value. Diversify your communication channels and ease the path to conversion with live chat or chatbots that can be triggered according to the visitor’s profile, on-site behaviour or a specific action. By allowing the customer to start a conversation they can overcome issues in the checkout process, clarify doubts about products, or enquire about shipping while interacting on a much more personal basis.

5ATTRIBUTEKeep track of your clients’ lifecycle

To accurately measure your goals it is important to monitor the results of your digital investment, and an attribution model is an effective way to do it. By attributing all your sales, including in-store sales, to campaigns and interactions along the journey (eg. with customer support), you will have an exact view of what is working and of possible blocking points in your leads’ journey.

6NURTUREFind new opportunities and increase your client’s lifetime value

The cycle is not over once the checkout happens. There are still opportunities to be explored, both for the users who bought (by offering complementary products) and for the users who didn’t (by adapting your recommendations).

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