Get the best out of first-party data with a reliable Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Our CDP allows you to safely store your customer data and create segments that you can use across all channels and sessions. This unravels new opportunities for real-time personalisation, enabling an exceptional customer experience without compromising privacy.

Use audiences to personalise content and engagement channels

Create audiences based on information collected from every touchpoint, which you can export and use across all your platforms and channels. This way, you can interact with customers according to their profile and truly engage with them.
Example: If a customer has more than 1000€ in the shopping cart, offer the possibility of establishing a video call, instead of a simple chat or phone call.

Extend personalised web experiences to the contact center

Provide accurate customer data to your contact center agents, giving them more context about the clients and creating a seamless experience across all channels. This way, you will be able to close more deals.
Example: The agent can access the customer’s journey on the website, in real time, as well as past purchases and interactions, being able to suggest the appropriate product or offer.

We are not focused on the 2% that everyone is fighting for, we are looking at the other 98% and developing strategies to help you convert them and make your investments pay off.

Measure performance through sales rather than clicks

You can measure the performance of your optimisation and engagement processes, such as A/B testing, with sales data (including contact center sales) rather than just setting click goals.

Combine multiple channels in your automated workflows

Many times the words “marketing automation” are a synonym of automated email marketing. However, combining different channels is the right way to build relationships with your customers and drive more conversions. BySide allows the creation of cross-channel marketing automation campaigns – with calls, SMS, Email, and Push Notifications – in the same workflow.

Integrate with your existing marketing stack

Connect BySide for a fast and effective sync with marketing and customer management platforms, including Google Marketing Platform, Facebook for Business, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Salesforce CRM, Oracle Siebel CRM, etc. These integrations grant bi-directional customer data sync with your CRM, and they allow you to create audiences and to send and receive feedback from clients interacting with your offers, both online and offline.

marketing cloud iconmarketing cloud

To turn this into reality we rely on our platform’s features

Tracking & Analytics

Use a single user ID to unify the customer journey in every channel and device.

Collect analytics data, such as traffic sources, geolocation and device. Go beyond reporting and use it to create or enrich user segments.

Complete the web customer journey with Contact Analytics (Calls, Chat, Social Messaging, Email, SMS, Forms) and get a clear view of how many interactions took place, how they progressed and which was their outcome. Link this back to web data to get the full picture, from the visit’s origin to the result of the interaction in the contact center. Measure the impact of human interaction in your e-commerce conversions using our attribution model.

Understand which web visitors called you by linking user IDs to inbound calls. This allows you to correctly attribute conversions that happen over the phone to the campaigns that generated those leads.

Prioritise leads based on their qualification by assigning points on several milestones in their journey.

Data & Audience Management

Take advantage of your own customer data by aggregating it in a platform built to make it actionable in real time – to personalise without compromising user privacy.

Build audiences based on first-party data and sync them across your stack, including the CRM. Export these audiences to other platforms, such as those in your advertising ecosystem.

Extend personalised experiences from the web to the contact center. Add dynamic content to your pages through inline editing (no code) or using placeholders, and see your conversion rates soar.

Create recommendations based on user and product category data (most seen, most bought, frequently bought together, and more). Our e-commerce engine will periodically scrap your catalogue to make sure product information is up to date. Show recommendations on agents’ consoles to promote sales in the contact center.

Show specific offers to each customer by applying your NBO/NBA model in our personalisation engine. Distribute the same offer at the same time across digital channels and the contact center, and get real-time feedback on your CRM (or any other customer data hub).

Optimisations & Engagement

Build and serve landing page content from our platform, benefiting from existing personalisation and A/B testing features.

Test your content’s ability to convert by creating multiple versions and tracking results from impression to sale.

Use Email & SMS campaigns to reach your customers with personalised messages.

Use outbound calls to reach your customers with a more personal and engaging approach.

Open a new channel with your customers by using push notifications to promote your most exclusive offers. Segment different notifications to different audiences.

Ask your customers what they think about your brand using onsite or phone surveys. Use survey results as yet another data source for personalisation.

Build custom forms to capture leads on your website and landing pages. Information submitted via forms is sent to your sales or customer support agents, and can also be used to enrich Audiences.

Our advanced Marketing Automation workflows can use any piece of customer data as a trigger and any channel as a way to convey a personalised message. Connect Email, SMS, Calls, Push Notifications – all in the same conversation workflow, with total flexibility (it’s not limited to presets!).

Contact windows with e-commerce intelligence. Allow agents to recommend products in real-time and guide the customers through the shopping process in a single channel, from product search to check out. Find out more.

Boost conversion rates and average order values by giving your customers the ability to request a free call – the connection is established immediately so that you can reach leads while they’re hot. Decide where, when and to whom the Click2Call option will be presented using Audiences.

Add video to your customer calls to build trust and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Engage with your audience through live video broadcasts: showcase new products and promotions and answer customer queries. Take advantage of broadcasting from your own channels rather than external platforms.

Use Live Chat for customer support and help your visitors reach the end of the funnel. Decide where, when and to whom to present the channel by using segmentation intelligence.

Conversational Bots are very useful to guide customers through your products and services, and answer common customer queries, taking non-qualified traffic out of your sales team and reserving customer support agents for the most complex situations.

Use Messaging Apps, such as Messenger, Instagram and Skype, for customer support and help your customers get to the end of the funnel.

Use Whatsapp for customer support and help your customers get to the end of the funnel.


Integrate with Lead Ads on Facebook, Google and others, in order to capture qualified leads with just a few clicks.

Our Marketing Cloud connects with Google Marketing Platform using floodlight tags to send e-commerce and contact center conversion data to Campaign Manager.

Improve the conversion rates of your Lead Ads by connecting them with our Click2Call feature, and call users immediately. Send e-commerce and contact center conversion data back to Facebook for attribution.

Improve the conversion rates of your Lead Ads by connecting them with our Click2Call feature, and call users immediately. Send e-commerce and contact center conversion data back to LinkedIn for attribution.

Go for bidirectional integration with Salesforce. Get customer data to enrich Audiences and send back e-commerce and contact center conversion information automatically.

Go for bidirectional integration with Siebel. Get customer data to enrich Audiences and send back e-commerce and contact center conversion information automatically.

Integrate with all your lead generation providers for conversion attribution, as well as with your customer management tools, and much more.


Add a security layer to your content management processes by setting up a proxy server between your organisation and the Lead Activation Hub. It comes with a content authorisation interface to make sure every piece of content comes is approved before being published to the web.

But, most of all, BySide delivers strategy, execution and business results.

We don’t believe in one-fits-all approaches.

Our partnership with our customers starts with an assessment of the company’s digital maturity using the BySide Lead Activation Diagnostic.

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