What is Lead

How evolving from a “generation-only” approach can make companies improve their conversion rates by 50%.

Lead Activation is born

The Lead Activation mindset is total opposite


Investment in martech is on the rise, but companies often fail to generate the expected return. By believing that a 2% conversion rate is an excellent result, companies are missing on the opportunity to convert the other 98%.

This is what we call the
“Settled Marketer” attitude.

We are not focused on the 2% that everyone is fighting for, we are looking at the other 98% and developing strategies to help you convert them and make your investments pay off.

Lead Activation

Is the ability to maximise revenue from visitors who are already on a website, an app or a landing page and to focus on lead quality and improved ROI.

BySide - Lead Activation

The Lead Activation Journey

1TRACKUnderstanding Lead Origin

The first step is to understand the lead origin: where does it come from, what is the visit’s intention, is it a regular or a first-time visitor? Using these insights you are able to build your CDP and create audiences to personalise the entire customer experience, from ads to the contact center.

2QUALIFYLead Scoring and Priorities

Once you understand the background of your leads, it is time to create qualification processes. Evaluate and score leads in real-time and find out which are ready to be moved to the next stage, the leads with the highest conversion probability, and the ones that still need to be nurtured.

3ENGAGETargeted and Automatic Engagement

Creating targeted content is an important step to achieve a highly contextualised experience that users love. Personalise communications in real-time, or over time with marketing automation, to reach visitors in key moments of their journey and achieve better business results.

4CONVERTThe Goal You are Looking For

Buying something can be an act of trust. According to McKinsey, companies that add a human touch to digital sales achieve five times more revenue and eight times more operating profit, as well as increasing customer lifetime value and the average order value by 40%. Build dynamic contact strategies with Click2Call, LiveChat Video and more, to humanise your online experience.

5ATTRIBUTEClosing the Lead Generation Gap

Understand which campaigns led to higher conversion rates and which had higher ROI. Integrate online and offline conversions in your attribution model, guaranteeing consistent data flows between different sales and marketing channels.

6NURTUREKeep Feeding the Cycle

The cycle does not end once a sale is closed. For those who did not convert, create new opportunities based on the insights gathered along the journey. And for those who are already customers, discover which is the Next Best Offer (NBO) and reach them with cross-sell or upsell strategies.

We have developed a platform that addresses customer needs on every step of the journey.

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